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Gone are the days of those old-school SMS plans, now everyone relies on a Smartphone and its dedicated messaging apps. The most popular among the crowd are the Android variants. Android has more reach than any other platform today. Dynamic, as it is, it has a reach to almost sections of the society with its low-end phones. And then there are so many Android apps to entertain you with!

One of the best gifts of this versatile platform, as I was saying, is that Android comes with hundreds of free messaging apps that make it easier for us to keep in touch with our people. But among those hundreds, with new additions every hour, it is hard to pick out a few. But I have done the tedious job and handpicked the best five among them. Here goes…

  1. Whats App

It is no surprise that Whats App manages to maintain number one spot on the list, given its unmatchable popularity. The app has more monthly users hooking to it than most apps have in total. The main reason for its popularity is the app’s customizable interface and the easy usability. You can simply not have a Smartphone without WhatsApp!

  1. Hike

With its fun stickers and easy user interface, Hike has hiked to number two in a short period of time. The new updates from the developer including native language support and better looks, the app has managed to appeal to a lot many users.

  1. Kik Messenger

The Kik Messenger is definitely than most of its counterparts. Apart from the fact that you could play games on the Kik online browser itself, you could also send photos, have group chats, search for YouTube links, images and self drawn sketches. The ‘photo bomb’ feature seems to be Snap chat inspired.

  1. Skype

Skype has obviously been around for a while now, gaining prominence over the PC world but the Android app of this dedicated IM and Video calling service is not short of anything either. Skype, being the versatile little thing that it is, has combined a charming instant messaging service with a video calling feature that is reliable and helpful. The app has a great user interface and more universal than any other app in the market. Skype online chats are easy to use and user friendly.

  1. LINE

The last and final spot goes to LINE. While We Chat is still catching on, LINE is still a little better. With Hike-like stickers and cool looking layout, LINE doesn’t fail to impress. Though it is yet to go virally famous, there is more hope for LINE. LINE’s claim to fame was its online call system which saves you the balance you spend on those overseas calls or even the local ones.

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